Navajo Canyon RWF

2295 Needham Road #4

El Cajon, CA 92020


We are a Club Without Boundaries! Representing Central San Diego Communities Throughout Navajo Area and East County. 

NFRW Policy for Counting Volunteer Hours:

1.     All non-paid campaign activities benefiting our Republican Party, candidates, and/or the Federation.

2.    Campaign work done within or outside the home, including mailings, phone calls, computer work, and social media postings or blogging.

3.    Work at and/ or for a special campaign event-but NOT if you attend as a paid guest OR if you are compensated for the event.

4.    Attendance at (and travel portal to portal ) State or National Federation Board of Directors Meetings and Conventions- as well as time spent in preparation for Federation meetings if you serve on a committee.

5.    Time in session at (and travel portal to portal ) municipality, precinct/ward, county, district, or state party conventions.

6.    Time in sessions at ( and travel portal to portal ) RNC conventions.

7.    Time spent as a county, state, or national party committee member or as a temporary member, i.e. Rules Committee, Resolutions Committee, etc.

8.    Campaign work at club meetings, i.e. getting petitions signed, doing mailings. DO NOT COUNT TIME SPENT IN REGULAR BUSINESS AT CLUB MEETINGS. 

9.    Traveling from event to event- but NOT for personal stops en route.

10.  Volunteering at any municipality, county, state or Federation Headquarters.

11.  Volunteering for a Republican candidate for a non-partisan office, e.g. school board elections.12.  Working as a poll watcher on Election Day-but NOT if you are paid.

13.  Involvement in a Campaign Management School, i.e. training to be a faculty member, teaching and organizing a campaign school.

 Also if your spouse is an Associate Member you can submit their hours if they are involved in activities supporting our club or any of the above activities and travel time if applicable.

Please click on the graphic to the left for Volunteer Hours Form and Guidelines. Print form, track your Volunteer Hours and submit to Carol Larabee monthly. 

1) Fill out tracker form, give to her at monthly luncheon meeting, or email her at carlarabee@coxnet.

2) Don't fill out tracker form, just submit Total Political Hours and Total Community Service Hours to Carol Larabee via email.