Navajo Canyon RWF

2295 Needham Road #4

El Cajon, CA 92020


We are a Club Without Boundaries! Representing Central San Diego Communities Throughout Navajo Area and East County. 

Ten Reasons to Vote

10)  If you don't vote you really have no right to complain about government decisions you don't like (no matter how bad those decisions are).

9)   It sets a positive example to your children, your neighbors and friends.

​8)   Voting means you believe in the democratic process. 
It represents your right to freedom of speech.
​7)   Failing to register to vote is the same as saying “I don’t care!”
​6)   If you do not register to vote, you are missing out on a great national privilege and a significant personal freedom!
​5)   When you vote, you honor the sacrifices that our ancestors made and that today’s Soldiers make in fighting for our freedom!
​4)    You should vote because you can! 
​3)   The reality is, your vote counts!
​2)   It is an HONOR as well as a RESPONSIBILITY.
​1)   If you are old enough to die for your country, You are old enough to decide who makes the decisions! 

Navajo Canyon RWF is active with Voter Registration at various venues throughout San Diego County. Here are some of the locations where we participate:

1) New Citizens Ceremony at Golden Hall, downtown San Diego. Each month a group of members work the GOP booth and register new voters as Republicans. We have 2 members who pose as "Uncle Sam" and "Lady Liberty" and new citizens eagerly line up to get their pictures taken with them!  Each month there is also an appearance from "Donald Trump" which just adds to the fun! We volunteer from 10 to noon, and then have lunch afterwards. Several members ride the trolley downtown, and others drive.

2) Oktoberfest La Mesa. We have set up a booth at this event every October for several years, and it has proven to be a successful location for registering voters. Members sign up for block of time to work the booth, and we mix in a lot of fun with each other.

3) Del Mar Fair. Each June we sign up for "Navajo Day" and cover the booth at the fair for a full day. Thousands of people come through and we are prepared with full team of volunteers. This year's dates are Sun, June 3 and 10.