Navajo Canyon RWF

2295 Needham Road #4

El Cajon, CA 92020


We are a Club Without Boundaries! Representing Central San Diego Communities Throughout Navajo Area and East County. 

Action Track Chair project was spearheaded by Navajo Canyon RWF. At the SDCFRW  Convention in December 2015, Navajo Canyon RWF  represented by Kat Culkin and Waskah Whelan, presented the Independence Fund with a check in the amount of $20,000 for the Action Track Chair that will go to a wounded warrior!

This was a very exhilarating moment at the conference, Congressman Darrell Issa was there to assist.  Those in attendance felt a huge amount of pride and joy knowing we are making a difference in someone’s life. The accomplishment of raising that amount of money was a team effort and all are appreciated and commended for their generosity and commitment!

Over the last 24 months we hand-made Valentine’s Day and Veteran’s Day cards that were presented to over 1600 Veterans at the VA Hospital, Balboa Hospital, the Chula Vista Veteran’s Home, and the Veteran's Museum of Balboa Park! 

This project has been a favorite of our Club as our members pour love and heartfelt messages into these cards knowing that they will bring joy into the faces of the recipients. The amount of creativity that goes into the design of these cards is incredible. 

Armed Services encourages local clubs and members to show support for the 
Armed Forces by engaging in projects that aid our U.S. troops and their families. San Diego is a military town and we enthusiastically support our troops!

Through the last few years Navajo Canyon RWF has combined Caring for America with USA Armed Forces programs, and has provided substantial support for our military heroes. 

​Here are a few of our most recent projects that we've undertaken.